PCB Design with KiCad for Beginners

The KiCad workshop for beginners involves creating a simple circuit for a keychain flashlight. Of course, with this workshop, you’ll quickly get an idea of KiCad, but you’ll miss the exciting extras. Those extras (which make the keychain a lot more meaningful and prettier/more fun), you’ll learn in the KiCad workshop for advanced users. 

Casper Tak en Richard Kroesen.

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EMC Measurement for Your Project

Would your S1, S3, or S6 product pass the CE certification? This is your chance to find out.

In the R29 auditorium you can have your prototype or project tested for EMC properties and possibly receive advice on what you can improve. So bring your prototype to the ESE day. 

Please note that it is mandatory that your project is reported using the interest registration form you submitted.

Jos Kamer en André Canrinus 

Build Your Own Antenna

Participants learn about antennas, building their own antennas, best practices (do’s and don’ts), construct a groundplane antenna for 868 MHz and tune it using a VNA. During this workshop, participants screw the radials of a groundplane antenna onto an SMA-chassis part. The radiator is already soldered in advance. After installation, the antenna is tuned using a VNA. 

Bart Hiddink

Advanced PCB Design with KiCad

Are you ready to take your KiCad proficiency to the next level? Join our Advanced Workshop where we delve into advanced techniques and features in both the schematic and PCB editors. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be equipped with the skills to add personal touches to your designs and optimize your workflow.  

Casper Tak en Richard Kroesen. 

Soldering Competition

Come and join the most exciting soldering competition of the year! Get ready to showcase your skills in a challenging competition that celebrates craftsmanship. Whether you have a lot of experience or you’re an enthusiastic beginner, this competition is for anyone passionate about soldering techniques and electronics. 

Step into a competition where you can push your soldering skills to the limit. From the finest precision work in SMD to soldering the largest through-hole components, this competition challenges you to push your boundaries and showcase your abilities. 

In addition to showcasing your expertise, this competition also provides a platform to network and meet industry professionals who are advancing soldering technology. The company Romex will demonstrate the importance of traceability in the automotive and medical industries and how it is currently being achieved. 

Ico van Diemen De Jel