Smart Parks – IRNAS: Utilizing Technology for Wildlife Conservation

Smart Parks and IRNAS are organizations that use technology to aid with the protection of wildlife. They use advanced systems such as IoT (Internet of Things), sensors and data processing to monitor nature and protect endangered species. 

Smart Parks focuses on creating smart nature reserves and parks using technology. They use advanced sensors, cameras and drones, among other things, to track wildlife, detect poaching and protect endangered species. Real-time data analysis allows them to respond immediately to threats and intervene proactively to ensure animal safety. 

IRNAS (Institute IRNAS – Institute for Development of Advanced Applied Systems) develops tailor-made technological solutions for nature conservation. They focus on building smart, sensor-based systems that help monitor ecosystems, track animals and map their behavior. These systems provide valuable data for research and protection of endangered species. 

In this presentation you will get to know both organizations and how they contribute to wildlife conservation through technological innovation. 

Tim van Dam en Luka Mustafa