Embedded and the programming language RUST

Rust is a modern language for low-level programming and increasingly for embedded systems. This talk gives an introduction to the language, focussing on embedded and systems programming. We will look at the basics of the language, the development tooling, how rust prevents common classes of bugs, and how rust can be used on embedded systems. 

Folkert de Vries 

ESE Day on 26th of January 2024

Embedded Systems Engineering organizes the “ESE day” for its students.

A day on which we, as ESE students, teachers, and alumni, will get to know each other better. The day is covered with all aspects that you may expect from the ESE-field.

During workshops and presentations, you are actively involved. Not only in the Embedded Systems Engineering, but also in the course. You will meet fellow students, former students, and teachers of the study programme.

This ESE day will be organized on 26 January for all employees and students of the HAN Embedded Systems Engineering programme. The ESE day will be held in the building at Ruitenberglaan 26, Arnhem, starting at 9:00 AM and ending at 4:00 PM. The program is divided into a morning and an afternoon session. In the morning part, workshops and presentations will be given by various companies and alumni. In the afternoon we get to work to get to know each other and our education better. There is no better place to start networking among your fellow students and teachers.

-501Days -20Hours -56Minutes 00Seconds

Remember that the ESE day has a mandatory character. We, therefore, expect all students to be present on this day.